Eagles Draft – Recap

So let’s recap the 2017 draft for the Eagles.

Round 1: Derek Barnett – DE

He broke Reggie White’s sack record at Tennessee. If he can be half as productive as White was in his career as an Eagle. Then we got a good’un.

Round 2: Sidney Jones – CB

1st Round talent who fell due to an achilles injury. I love the pick. Possible redshirt season though which might irk a few Eagles fans but long-term, he could be a star.

Jones Icon 2Round 3: Rasul Douglas – CB

Ballhawking Corner who’s speed may hinder him at the next level but has great size (6ft 2in) and good physicality with the potential to develop into a solid no. 2 Corner in Jim Schwartz scheme.

Round 4: Mack Hollins – WR

Unlike many other people I really like the pick. Hollins was touted as possibly the best special teamer in the draft (Dave Fipp could make him into one of the best in the league) and has the size and speed to develop into a real threat for Wentz.Pumphrey Icon

Round 4: Donnel Pumphrey – RB

I LOVE PUMPHREY. My favourite pick of our draft. Just watch this (Highlights) and get excited.

Round 5: Shelton Gibson – WR

Has good upside and knows how to track a deep ball. He could become the deep threat the Eagles have missed since DeSean Jackson left.

Round 5: Nathan Gerry – LB

If i’m being honest I have never seen Gerry play but from the highlights it looks like he could become a nice hard-hitting Linebacker in this scheme. The Eagles would love him to replace Kendricks.

For what its worth, PFF really liked Gerry…but as a safety.

Round 6: Elijah Qualls – DT

Great value pick for Round 6. Should be able to contribute to the rotation fairly early.

I love this draft for the Eagles. I think every pick really was Howie and Joe picking BPA like they said they would before the draft. Which is a refreshing change from the last few years (I’m looking at you Marcus Smith and Nelson Agholor).

It’s highly unlikely every pick hits but I have confidence that at least 4 of these picks will be contributors for the next few years which would be a good draft to back-up last years Wentz draft.

The Eagles are looking to build a championship team over the next few years and I truly believe that they are headed in the right direction with a draft like this.

But hey, it’s May, and none of them have even played a snap in midnight green yet, but it’s the season of hope right?

‘Till next time.


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