UDFA Tracker

I’m not going to talk about every UFDA (Undrafted Free Agent) the Eagles signed but here a a few I think could make an impact this summer.

Corey Clement – RB

He is from Philly and probably the most likely of the 5 here to make the team as the Eagles don’t currently have a bell-cow Running Back. I’ve read that he wasn’t well liked at Wisconsin but when he played he was productive (1375 yards in 2016) and could be a nice rotational piece. If the Eagles sign or trade for a veteran in the summer he would be a nice practice squad candidate.

Tyler Orlosky – C

Some analysts 3rd ranked center in the draft and was compared to Corey Linsley of the Packers by NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein. I think we will make the team if Jason Kelce gets traded or cut, if not, again, a very nice practice squad player.

Charles Walker – DT

Once tagged as an early round pick by Mel Kiper of ESPN, depression and concussions affected his play and an early exit from Oklahoma in his last season had him slide in the draft, but he seems to be battling his depression well and if Jim Schwartz can get him to perform at 100%, then he could be a nice rotational piece on the D-Line.

Greg Ward – WR

I like the Ward signing just as a developmental player, I don’t see him contributing at all for a while but stash him on the practice squad and see what you’ve got. He has the speed and intelligence that could see him succeed. Nice pick-up.

Steelhammer Icon.jpg
Weston Steelhammer – Safety (Source: SI.com)

Weston Steelhammer – S

This guy needs to make the roster because he has the best name I’ve ever seen. Thats it. A hard-hitting Safety called Steelhammer, its positively poetic.

Note: I’d bet my house he doesn’t make the team.

‘Till next time.


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