Making the Leap – Jalen Mills

Finger waggin’ good.

Whether you though Mills played well enough in 2016 for him to start finger wagging at ever reciever he faced (and got burned by) or not, but you can’t deny for a 7th Round rookie he was impressive.

He has good size (6ft 0in) for a Corner with limited speed that may in the long run limit him to the Slot, and although having 0 interceptions for a Corner isn’t ideal he did have 7 pass breakups and 61 tackles in his first year and played the most out of any draft pick not named Carson ‘The G.O.A.T’ Wentz, that’s impressive for a 7th rounder.

I think Mills has better technique than people give him credit and I love how physical he is, he has to compensate for not being the quickest and because of that he will probably end up giving up a few pass interference penalties in his time but he played admiraly against arguably the games 3 best recievers in Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham and Julio Jones and made them work very hard for their yards.

Another thing I like about Mills is his confidence and he has the mindset to last in the NFL as he is very good at putting a bad play behind him and pulling out the finger and giving it a good wag when he makes a good play (even if on the play before, he just got burned for a touchdown).

Mills is lean and looks smaller than he is because of that but he should be able to bulk up over his first NFL off-season but the one thing that may really make him stuggle is his lack of recovery speed which you can’t train and he’s always going to have to be compensating for that.

Overall I think Mills could become a good 2nd Corner on this team or a very good Slot Corner which is just as important in this Jim Schwartz Wide-9 scheme. With Jones and Douglas from the recent draft, the Eagles could have a nice young core at Corner and I think we might be seeing some more finger wagging for years to come.

Mills Gi.gif


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