If I Was GM

Listen up Howie.

Trades, Trades and more Trades are what we’re looking at here, as I think the Eagles are only a few key pieces away from having a deep play-off run.


As Jimmy Kempski pointed out earlier this month Kyle Fuller for Mychal Kendricks, who says no?

Maybe add in one of those three 4th round picks if the straight swap doesn’t work, but if there’s any team to try get a steal off of then its the Bears and their GM Ryan ‘I’m losing my job fast’ Pace.

With the Eagles CB depth questionable to say the least, adding Fuller in the last year of his deal as a ‘prove it‘ guy couldn’t harm as he has shown flashes of ability on the field when he hasn’t been injured, which hasn’t been often.


I love Jason Kelce, and at the time his 6 year, $37.5 million contract was good for the player Kelce was, a top-10 centre who was perfect in Chip Kelly’s offense. But he has had a couple of down years now and he isn’t a natural fit for Doug Pedersons offense.

I think you could get a 5th round pick for Kelce (max), which might not seem much, but if the Eagles want to get their 2nd round pick back next year (which I’m certain they do) then they’ll need as much capital as possible and with the Eagles having 3 (cheaper and younger) replacements on the roster already in Wisniewsky, Seumalo and Orlosky, this would be a logical move by the Eagles.

But I would be lying if I didn’t say I wouldn’t miss this face (and beard).snowmanidq1m.gif





The Eagles are worryingly thin at Linebacker.

With two studs in Jordan Hicks and Nigel Bradham starting you’d think the Eagles would be okay, but with little to nothing behind them, if one of Hicks or Bradham goes down then the Eagles will be exposed.

In an ideal world last years training camp stud Joe Walker or recently drafted Nathan Gerry would step up and be the Eagles saviour but they were 7th and 5th round draft picks respectively and that shouldn’t be expected. So signing a Perry Riley, Elvis Dumerville or Gerald Hodges (my personal choice) or trading for a piece with upside could be just what the Eagles need at the Linebacker position.

‘Till next time.


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