Why I Love The Eagles

My favourite Eagles blog – Bleeding Green Nation – ran an article this week about why us Eagles fans became Eagles fans and I thought that could be a cool thing to write about.

So here’s why I became an Eagles fan.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Weird right? But yeah, they are the reason I became an Eagles fan.

I was 17 and had been following the NFL for a couple of years but never really had an allegiance to any team, although I did like the Browns, don’t ask me why, it’s probably something to do with being English and always supporting the underdog, but anyway, thank God that little affair never materialised into anything.

I was studying for my exams when the film ‘Silver Linings Playbook‘ came out, I thought it looked pretty good and because I was revising and it was Decemeber when naturally the weather wasn’t exactly nice, nothing sounded better than just going to the cinema and watching a film.


Throughout the film, Bradley Cooper’s character wears a DeSean Jackson jersey (In the book it’s Hank Baskett) and his whole family are massive Eagles fans. I absolutely loved DeSean at the time without even being an Eagles fan and due to my love for the film I just took it as a sign that the Eagles were the team for me.

I went home and watched the next Eagles game on GamePass. That game was Eagles @ Giants, Week 17 of the 2012 Season, Coach Andy Reid’s final game as Eagles coach before some guy from Oregon came and took over, can anyone remember who he was again?

The game was awful, possibly the worst Eagles game I’ve ever seen, Eli Manning threw a career-high 5 touchdown passes in a 47 – 7 loss to the defending Super Bowl champion Giants to finish the season 4 – 12, but I knew, on that day, with LeSean McCoy, Mike Vick, DeSean and Co. that this was the team for me, and I’ve never looked back since.


‘Till next time.




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