Season Predictions – Part One

It’s the NFL’s dead season, the last month of the year without any NFL action. So what better thing to do than predict how the WHOLE season is going to pan out, and undoubtable get it completely wrong.

This is part one of four and will include the first four games of the season. Four parts of four games? That’s 16 game predictions, so Olly you’re saying the Eagles won’t make the play-offs? No, obviously not, the Eagles are 100% winning the Super Bowl no problem, who even is Tom Brady? A sixth round pick can’t be better than Carson Wentz because he was a first round pick, it’s easy maths.

Anyway we’ll cross that play-off sized bridge when we come to it, but until then, here are my first four predictions.

Game One: Eagles @ Washington

I HATE Washington and because of that, even though they are the Eagles kryptonite (Washington have won the last 5), I’m giving the Eagles a W here. Dan Snyder sucks (see here), Jay Gruden still isn’t a good coach and as long as Deshazor Everett is on the team I want nothing but anguish for the whole franchise. If you don’t know why Everett sucks, see below.

Redskins Hit.gif

Game Two: Eagles @ Chiefs

This will be a really tricky game for the Eagles, and depending on how well the Chiefs passing attack plays, could determine the outcome of the match. With the Eagles D-Line promising to be dominant this year, that could nullify the usually good Chiefs rushing attack. But if Alex Smith can expose the Eagles Corners (this could be tricky for a QB that usually targets the the short to mid range throws) then the Eagles may be in trouble.

But this is Alex Smith we’re talking about, a good Quarterback but extremely limited and I don’t think his skill-set is a good matchup against this good Eagles Defense. I don’t think this will be an easy game by any means but I can see the Eagles sneaking a field-goal win.

Game Three: Eagles vs Giants

The Eagles own the Giants, being 5-1 since the start of the 2014 season, the Giants just can’t seem to get the better of the Eagles on a consistant basis. Last seasons win at the Linc was the Giants first win in three years over the Eagles and I think it’s going to be a really tricky fixture for the Eagles especially with the offensive talent the Giants have added this off-season.

evan engram.gif
Giants 1st Round Pick: Ole Miss Tight End Evan Engram (17)

The Giants defense is great and will continue being great, so this match-up may come down to how well the Giants offense fairs, and more specifically how Eli Manning fares, after having a down season in 2016. I think this could easily be a Giants win, but it’s the first game of the season at the Linc and I think that might just give the Eagles the edge, so I’m giving it to Philly.

Game Four: Eagles @ Chargers

I just can’t see the Eagles winning this one. I think the Chargers could be a sneaky contender this season. Philip Rivers has his best supporting cast in years and I think this Chargers defense could be phenomenal with Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Denzel Perryman, Casey Hayward and Jason Verrett leading the way and an offense with no visable holes, as long as their O-Line holds up I think the Chargers could bring Los Angeles it’s first winning team in 20+ years.

I think the Eagles could run this close, but I just have a feeling about the Chargers this year, and I’m giving them the win.

Note: The Chargers new stadium (LA Galaxy’s StubHub Center) could be my new favourite NFL stadium.

So after four games I predict the Eagles will be 3-1, and if that turns out to be true, I can’t imagine any Eagles fan being unhappy after what looks like on paper could be a very tricky first four games.

After 4 games: Eagles (3-1)

‘Till Next Time


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