Season Predictions – Part Two

With only 9 more weeks until the NFL properly kicks off (yes, pre-season starts in August and every year everyone gets excited to see some football then realises the pre-season makes the Pro Bowl look hard hitting).

So here is Part Two of my Eagles season predictions (Part One is here if you missed it).

Game Five: Eagles vs Cardinals

The Cardinals have won 5 of the last 6 meetings between the two teams and seem to be somewhat of a bogey team for the Eagles. Over the last few seasons nothing epitomised the Eagles secondary woes as much as John Brown burning past every Eagles defender and racing into the end zone with Cary Williams draped over his back.

john brown.gif

But I can’t see the ageing Cardinals winning it this time. unless Carson Palmer can have a bounce back season after an awful 2016 I think Arizona could be in a spot of bother this season. The Eagles win and improve to an impressive 4-1.

Game Six: Eagles @ Panthers

The Eagles will lose this. I’m of strong belief that the Panthers are going to have a very good season, I loved their draft and I think Cam could bounce back to MVP form with his new Offensive talent (McCaffrey, Samuel) who will be a nightmare for even the best NFL defenses. I think the Panthers will be too much. 4-2.

Game Seven: Eagles vs Washington

I do think Washington will be a tough fixture for the Eagles, as it always seems to be (see my previous post for more info) but I just can’t put the Eagles down as an L against a team I have nothing but hatred for. You don’t deserve Kirk Cousins, your owner still sucks (see previous post again), and change your racist nameWashington suck. 5-2.

Here’s Kirk Cousins getting destroyed, call it a gift from me to you.


Game Eight: Eagles vs 49ers

The 49ers might have the worst roster I’ve ever seen in the NFL, apart from their promising D-Line (their last three 1st round draft picks have been D-Linemen), they have nothing. Even after a promising draft (except C.J. Beathard, who they took in the 3rd round when he was predicted by everyone to be a 6th or 7th round guy at best…¯\_(ツ)_/¯), I still don’t think the 49ers will be anything but dumpster fire this season, I like Kyle Shanahan and he deserves plenty of time to change this dire roster around, but he isn’t going to do anything this season, 0-16 might be a real possibility. 6-2.

So the Eagles promising start has turned into a play-off worthy first half of the season, and call me biased (probably) but I really can’t see anything worse than this record after the first 8 games (unless it turns out that Wentz actually sucks, but we don’t talk about such blasphemous things…).

I bleed Green, and these last two posts have probably shown that, but hell, who cares, ’tis the season of optimism.

‘Till next time.


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