Season Predictions – Part Four

Here is the Fourth and final part of my ‘Season Predictions‘ series.

In case you’ve missed Parts One, Two and Three here are the links.

Can the Eagles make that final push and cement a play-off space in the final quarter of the season.

Game Thirteen: Eagles @ Rams

Although long-term I believe in Sean McVay as a Head Coach, it is notoriously difficult first time around, and unless he can unlock something we didn’t see from Jared Goff last season, I believe the Rams will be dumpster fire again this year. Now that’s not to say they won’t be frisky but I can’t see them winning anything above 3-5 games this year. Eagles win. 9-4.

giphy-downsized (1).gif
Will Goff struggle again this season?

Game Fourteen: Eagles @ Giants

As I spoke about previously, the Giants have found it very difficult to beat the Eagles in recent years. But you just can’t look past the weapons this team have on Offense and the stars they have on Defense. I think both contests between the teams will be hard-hitting and tense affairs but ultimately I think the series will be split and the Giants will get the win here. 9-5.

Game Fifteen: Eagles vs Raiders

I don’t think the Eagles will win this one. I think the Raiders are on course for a Super Bowl run and that should be in full swing at week 15. Derek Carr is an MVP level Quarterback and this Raiders defense should vastly improve. Overall the Raiders are just going to be too strong for the Eagles. 9-6.

Game Sixteen: Eagles vs Cowboys

This could be a really fun game. Last game of the season, against Dallas, at home and I suspect both teams will be fighting for a play-off spot. This is a tricky game to call depending on if either team doesn’t have anything to play for (eg. Week 16 of the 2016 season). This is tough but because the Eagles are at home and I hate Dallas lets go with an Eagles win.

10-6, a pretty good record to end the season for an emerging Eagles team. I truly believe Wentz is going to step-up this season. I can see him having a Derek Carr kind of rise up the QB ranks and with that and a play-off team the Eagles will be happy come January when they play in the post-season for the first time since 2013.

What they do in the play-offs I have no idea. But it’s an exciting time to be an Eagles fan and with Training Camp starting today, we now have real football to talk about.

giphy (1).gif

‘Till next time.


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