Fantasy Football – Week Two

1-0, 0-1.

That’s how my two teams came out of Week 1. My predictions of struggling without my Tampa and Miami players came true, but on the other hand Kareem “The Dream” Hunt did everything in his power to give me a quite emphatic win for my second team.

Here’s the breakdown of what happened.

BGN Radio League – Inglorious Bradfords

Week 1: Recap

This was never going to go well. Having Evans, Ajayi and to a lesser extent Parker unavailable to play, left me with major weaknesses. Here is the team I begrudgingly played.

Week 1 Team 2.PNG

I’m not going to dwell on it too much but I got beaten pretty good (68.7 – 87.7). TB12 let me down pretty bad (Course he did, its like Harry Kane in August, everyone knows he sucks in September!!!). I thought I’d get more from Abdullah and Hyde, and Kenny Britt was just awful.

Ertz, Blair Walsh and Keenan Allen gave me decent point but ultimately it was just a poor week.

My opponent didn’t actually do much better overall but Stefon Diggs killed me on Monday night and with a little help from Dalvin Cook and Marcus Mariota, I was left in the dust.

Some changes will be happening.

Week 2: Preview

So after the Waiver claims I have changed three aspects of my roster from the previous week. I’ve brought in Tarik Cohen, Cooper Kupp and the Ravens D/ST. Dropping Rex Burkhead, Kenny Britt and the Panthers D/ST on to waivers.

Cohen is an obvious choice to bring in due to his spectacular week one outing and I was encouraged by the connection Kupp had with Jared Goff and I think he could be a high volume target throughout the rest of the season. Dropping Burkhead and Britt was down to the fact I didn’t like them on my team anyway and due to the little impact they had in week one and the impact I feel they will have for the rest of the season, I’d much rather bet on the upside of the rookies.

I changed my Defense due to how impressive I though the Ravens D was in week one and due to their match-up against the Browns this week. I have a feeling I will be streaming my Defense based upon match up throughout the season.

So barring any unforeseen circumstances or injuries in the next couple of days, this will be my team for my week two match-up.

Week 2 Team.PNG

Obviously I have Ajayi and Evans back this week (thank God!) I really missed them last week and they ended up being the main reason I lost my match-up, as Abdullah and Britt did little to nothing in their place.

I’m dropping Carlos Hyde due to his match-up against the Seahawks and I don’t think the 49’ers will be running the ball too much. Cohen is now my RB2 over Ameer Abdullah and I’m playing Hogan in the FLEX as I think Brady could go off against this Saints Defense and Hogan could be the beneficiary.


Friends League – Le’Veon a Prayer

Week 1: Recap

Here is my team that I settled on playing last week.

Week 1 Team

Why on earth I player a rookie against the Patriots in week one I’ll never know, but man did it pay off.

45.6 POINTS.

Without Hunt the rest of my team did pretty average but I’m not too worried as they’re all good players and nobody should be panicking after an average week one performance.

The Texans let me down big time. 29 points against Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars! Are you kidding me? They made Blake Bortles look at worst average. That’s not good. So maybe some streamer options will come in to play this week. Otherwise this team is pretty settled and I don’t expect to be having to make any drastic changes to the starters.

Week 2: Preview

Again I changed three aspects of this team. Adding Kenny Golladay, Nelson Agholor and again the Ravens D/ST, dropping Kenny Britt (for the same reason as before), Marcus Mariota and the Texans D/ST.

All three of my additions performed really well in week one and have high upsides, hence their addition. On the other side, my reasoning for dropping Mariota is due to his next couple of match-ups (Jags and Seahawks), both have great Defenses and could cause Mariota problems. Whereas my starter, Cam Newton, has favorable match-ups against the Bills and Saints. I didn’t want to lose Mariota but seeing as though this is only an eight team league, I’m taking a calculated risk that he won’t be picked up, and I could potentially re-add him further along in the season.

Here are my starters for this week.

Week 2 Team 2.PNG

I like this team and my only change is adding the Ravens D/ST over Houston’s. This was an easy decision after the way Houston played in week one, and the match-up the Ravens have this week (at home against the Browns).

Otherwise this is the same team, the only change I may make before the weekend is West in the FLEX I have other options such as Theo Riddick, Golladay, Agholor, DeVante Parker and Ameer Abdullah, my Lions (Riddick, Golladay and Abdullah) have an unfavorable match-up against the Giants and I’d like to see more out of Agholor and Parker before I fully trust them. Even with the match-up, Riddick would probably be the one to usurp West before Sunday.

Come back next week to see how I got on.

‘Till next time.


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