Eagles @ Packers: Recap

So the Eagles lost their first pre-season game 24-9. But like that really matters. Everything that happens within the next 3 weeks of the pre-season, both good and bad, should be taken with a pinch of salt. So if your favourite player sucks or he looks like a stud, wait until the games matter before making a... Continue Reading →

Roster Predictions: Defense Edition

We're a day away from Eagles football! It might only be pre-season but let's be honest we'll take anything we're given after 7 long months without some Eagles ball. Here are my predictions for the final defensive (and specialists) roster (to see my offensive predictions see here). Defensive Line - Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Derek Barnett,... Continue Reading →

Roster Predictions: Offense Edition

With pre-season officially starting for the Eagles this weekend and with Training Camp well and truly underway. I thought it's about time we look at who I think will be apart of the 53 man-squad come the regular season. Quarterback -  Carson Wentz, Nick (27-2) Foles (2) Both of these are obvious, the only thing that... Continue Reading →

Season Predictions – Part Four

Here is the Fourth and final part of my 'Season Predictions' series. In case you've missed Parts One, Two and Three here are the links. Can the Eagles make that final push and cement a play-off space in the final quarter of the season. Game Thirteen: Eagles @ Rams Although long-term I believe in Sean McVay as a Head... Continue Reading →

Training Camp Preview

Take a deep breath. Training Camp starts on Monday. Actual football is getting closer. We will have things to talk about that actually matter, not just pointless speculation. Now training camp isn't exactly Super Bowl excitement but after the dead zone that is July, I'll take what I can get. Here is a few things... Continue Reading →

Season Predictions – Part Three

Here is Part Three of my 'Season Predictions' series. In case you've missed Parts One and Two here are the links. With the Eagles sitting pretty at 6-2, call me a homer, blah, blah, after the first half of the season, they will face what could possibly be their three toughest games in a four... Continue Reading →

What If?

What if Jordan Hicks lives up to his injury plagued reputation and goes down during the season? If that happens, then the Eagles defense is screwed. Seen as though everyone seemed to freak out a bit when Hicks 'injured' his hand on holiday recently (see here) I thought I'd take a look at what could happen... Continue Reading →

Season Predictions – Part Two

With only 9 more weeks until the NFL properly kicks off (yes, pre-season starts in August and every year everyone gets excited to see some football then realises the pre-season makes the Pro Bowl look hard hitting). So here is Part Two of my Eagles season predictions (Part One is here if you missed it).... Continue Reading →

Season Predictions – Part One

It's the NFL's dead season, the last month of the year without any NFL action. So what better thing to do than predict how the WHOLE season is going to pan out, and undoubtable get it completely wrong. This is part one of four and will include the first four games of the season. Four... Continue Reading →

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